Join Rodina in the auto-rally protest against the corrupt system, against illegal elections, against the name change, against 5G, against forced vaccinations, against the loss of freedoms and economic slavery. 

The elections set for July 15th are illegitimate on various grounds, such as: their illegality, unconstitutionality, are held on a date that violates the law, violation of the right to elect and be elected, as well as the violent, immoral and corrupt election process!

Such rushed and illegally organised elections have only one goal: continuation of the dictatorship of the illegitimate Junta and the quasi-opposition DPNE, who are accountable only to their foreign bosses but not the Macedonian people for the destruction of Macedonia, the Macedonian people, culture, tradition, history, economy and enslavement of the Macedonians in the already defeated global fascist system in favor of multinational corporations and 0.00001% of the “elites” around Soros.

Rodina Macedonia informed the State Election Committee regarding the illegitimacy and illegality of these elections, and announced an appeal to the Constitutional Court. Russia, China, USA, EU and OSCE have also been informed. Rodina Macedonia is calling upon all sovereign political parties to withdraw from the rigged election process until such a time when conditions are created for new and democratic elections, organised by an Expert Government, and not by the Przino Coalition of the two failed and corrupt political entities that brought Macedonia to its knees.

Therefore, come out against all the evils they are planning and support the only uncorrupted and uninstalled political option in Macedonia so we can overthrow their planned rigged elections and create conditions to overthrow these corrupt elites with the help of a pen in fair and democratic elections. Let’s liberate the Republic from the current occupation and set it on sound sovereign foundations, together with all other freedom-loving peoples of the world.

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Never North Always Macedonia!