Proclamation of the Macedonian people to:
The European Union, NATO, the United States of America, the United Nations and the members of the UN Security Council.

We the Macedonian people, the sovereign of Macedonia that sacrificed its best sons and daughters in the millenniums-long struggle for free Macedonia. We are the people that during the Second World War initiated our own antifascist struggle and who created a hundred thousand Macedonian army to free Macedonia and to create our own national state.

We are the people who created our own Macedonian National Assembly and a new Macedonian republic – ASNOM Macedonia on one part of its territory. We did not give the right or legitimacy to anyone to change the name of our country, to question its identity and to join any international organization or alliance contrary to our national interest. We certainly do not provide any support or legitimacy to organizations that are working in continuity to dismantle the foundation of our country.

We expressed our national will for independent and sovereign Macedonia by a successful referendum on September 8th, 1991. We showed our resolve to defend our country once again on a referendum on the 30th of September 2018 where we clearly said NO to the unconstitutional, illegitimate and illegal according to the international law so called Prespa agreement. We also said NO to joining NATO and NO to joining the EU.

On the referendum question “Are you for membership in the EU and NATO with the acceptance of the agreement between Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Greece?” only 36.91% of the total number of registered voters participated in the referendum. It has to be said that the 36.91% is marred by a massive fraudulent filling of ballot boxes. The president of the state electoral commission, Oliver Derkovski announced that the referendum was not successful because more than half of the total number of registered voters did not vote. This result was not a mandate to change our country’s constitution, it was a massive No to all of the referendum questions. Despite the clearly expressed will of the Macedonian people the illegitimate government committed an act of fraud and brutally repressed the national will and the country’s constitution.

We, the Macedonian people, are asking for responsibility and the beginning of an investigation for all of the participants in the hybrid war and the genocidal project “North”, for the involvement of the foreign agencies with which Zoran Zaev threatened us Macedonians and with which he crushed the will of the Macedonian people , for the terrorist attacks that started from the territory of the western international protectorate Kosovo, as well as for the role of the nongovernmental sector financed by the western nongovernmental organizations. All of them are accomplices in the demolition of the constitutional order of the Republic of Macedonia.

It is truly shameful for a declared teacher of democracy, as the EU wants to be known around the world and for the western international community to be involved in the breaking of the fundamental human rights of a nation by using the already seen methods for the destruction of countries around the world.
The Macedonians felt the oppression of your imperialism with all of its weight directed through its Balkan services. You will not succeed in the annihilation of the Macedonian people in order to cover the old sins made in the 19th and the 20th century. The Macedonians do not forget the wounds you opened and the acts you perpetrated on the Macedonian population and your current sins throughout the world.

Therefore, today from here we proclaim that we are starting the battle for our sovereign rights as expressed in the September 30th, 2018 referendum. We say No to the so called Prespa agreement, No to NATO and No to the EU. This is not only our duty and an obligation for all future Macedonian governments after the fall of the current foreign installed Junta. It is also an obligation of the international community to respect the democratic decisions by the Macedonians.

It is a reason for which we do not want to join NATO or the EU or any other organization or alliance where the Macedonians and the Macedonian state is not fully and unequivocally recognized to exist. We do not wish to give these organizations the legitimacy they seek to trample over our identity, our history and our nationhood. Ignoring our inalienable human rights is a cultural and civilizational genocide.

Never North,
Always Macedonia!