Rodina (Homeland) Macedonia is following developments in the United States with concern and expresses strong support for the fraternal freedom-loving American people in their fight against the common global fascist anti-people enemy.

The Macedonian people has the same bitter experience from the attack of those same mercenary forces funded by Soros and the international global fascist network of the Deep State, which the American people are now facing.

The same bloody destructive undemocratic scenario was used against the Macedonian people by the defeated forces around Obama and Clinton, through the, then US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Bailey. Ambassador Bailey overthrew a sovereign nation with the money from the American taxpayer and the funds of Soros, with which he sponsored the same terrorist violent groups in Macedonia as your Antifa, which is currently burning America.

For this undemocratic behavior of Obama’s and Clinton’s protege Bailey, a player of the international Deep State against which you are fighting also, there was an official request for an explanation, about his involvement in the Macedonian internal affairs by 6 US Congressmen. We hope that this request of the US Congress will be investigated by the administration of President Trump and will be brought to a legal conclusion.

This anti-people coup in Macedonia was a test for its current application in your own United States of America as well as other countries, coup which we are assured will be defeated in both the United States and Macedonia.

We, Rodina (Homeland ) Macedonia, are fighting in Macedonia against the consequences of that coup organized by the Macedonian terrorist group organized around the mercenary Colorful Revolution imported through the Deep State, Canvas, USAID and Soros, and we will win, and we will lift all the consequences and return The Republic of Macedonia in the constitutional framework that existed before the coup of April 27, 2017, as a sovereign state of the Macedonian people.

Rodina (Homeland) Macedonia welcomes the justified labeling of Antifa as a terrorist organization, and we are confident that this act will facilitate the administration of US President Donald Trump in tackling the planned pre-election bloody scenario.

Sincere wishes to the American People for a speedy overcoming of the crisis and the preservation of the current course in defense of sovereignty and traditional values.

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