Dear US President Donald Trump, we would like to express our support and the support of the Macedonian people in your efforts to return the United States to the service of the American citizens and restore justice, justice equally for all, and economic prosperity for all people, who is the sovereign of a country.

For a long time, humanity has been held hostage by a detached group of self-proclaimed planetary elites who have committed enormous evil, skillfully hiding behind the United States, bombing sovereign states and overthrowing legitimately elected governments.

Today we are witnessing that the United States itself is entering such an endangered crisis, which is exactly what its elites, secret services, diplomats and other civil servants have projected for other countries. 

One of the countries that suffered from such dark hybrid fascist plans is our homeland, the Republic of Macedonia.

The Republic of Macedonia has long been the target of a hybrid war involving US intelligence officials, the US Embassy in Skopje, other US administration officials, Soros NGOs, US and EU-funded NGOs, and Albanian terrorist organizations operating on the territory of the Kosovo protectorate and the domestic fifth column recruited by Western services.

In addition, we will provide you with materials that can be a good basis for starting an investigation, an investigation that will most quickly and easily show how the entire conglomerate of the Dark (Deep) State functions on a small territory such as the Republic of Macedonia.

Appendix No. 1.

The then leader of the opposition, today the Prime Minister of the anti-constitutional “North”, Mr. Zoran Zaev, threatens the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia Mr. Nikola Gruevski with a foreign service, for him to resign from the position of Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia. That conversation was recorded on a court order, with pre-trial measures.


Appendix No. 2.

The so-called colorful revolution, organized by Soros-funded organizations, the Open Society, the Soros Army, etc. Tens of millions of euros were invested in creating protesters with a well-established agenda, who attacked the institutions of the Republic of Macedonia, historical landmarks and began demolishing the constitutional order.

Only the wisdom of our people, which has gone through a very bloody and difficult history, recognized the rigged situation with the bloody scenarios and avoided the bloody civil war, but we paid by installing a completely congenital government, which contrary to international law, the Constitution and domestic law, changed the name of the country and forcibly included the country in NATO.

 The logo of the colorful revolution
Coloring of the Ministry of Justice
           Coloring the police
Soros Army
The Colorful Revolution is also known as the Paving Bricks Revolution
How the institutions of the Republic of Macedonia were stoned
            Opposition leader Zoran Zaev, after the coup, the Prime Minister of the North, together with the Minister of Defense Radmila Sekerinska, desecration of the institutions
Attack on police
 Desecration of monuments
The slogan of the colorful revolution, There is no justice, there is no peace

Attached is a video of the events: ( )

Appendix No. 3.

The UCK terrorist organization, which entered from the Kosovo protectorate from the US-controlled area, which also houses the largest US base in Southeast Europe, Camp Bondsteel. The role of this terrorist organization was coordinated with the Soros Army, which attacked the police in the capital Skopje, to disperse the police and thus cause the rapid decline of the legitimately elected government. President Gjorge Ivanov has been seeking information about the terrorist group from his US allies for more than six months, but has not received any information. Eight Macedonian police officers were killed in the fighting.

Attack on the part of the American zone in Kosovo on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, the city of Kumanovo, Divo Naselje.


Today in power in the renamed country are the terrorists from the UCK, Soros’s non-governmental soldiers, the domestic fifth column that committed treason and destroyed the constitutional order of the Republic of Macedonia and all that managed by the US Embassy, ​​Great Britain and Germany.

The Macedonian people, who are the first people to be hit by napalm bombs in Aegean Macedonia after World War II, became the first people to be subjected to social engineering by erasing their name, culture, state.

Dear President of the United States, Donald Trump,

Revealing the Macedonian case could be a turning point in exposing all the illegitimate actions of the entire services of the Dark (Deep) State, embassies, as well as the Soros NGOs.

All of our address is for one purpose, 

For a much more humane world in which all nations will be equal.

Rodina Macedonia, Skopje, 04. Мај. 2020