Dear fellow Macedonians,

The Political Party Rodina Macedonia is announcing a public invitation:
As part of the formation of the party’s working bodies and in accordance with the statute, we call on everyone who has the desire and ability to apply for participation in the Sectoral Committees (listed below).

Essential criteria:
Have relevant knowledge of the sector, honest, incorruptible and respected in their profession;
Unrelated to any of the affairs of the current corrupt political “elites”;
Supportive of our patriotic sovereign vision for a Liberated Macedonia.

The invitation is for participation in the following committees established in accordance with the statute of Rodina Macedonia:

  • International Relations Committee
  • Education and Science Committee
  • Health Committee
  • Social Affairs Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Committee on Economy and Development
  • Energy Committee
  • Natural Resources Committee
  • Ecology Committee
  • Transport, Construction and Infrastructure Committee
  • Information Technology Committee
  • New Technologies and Innovation Committee
  • Youth Committee
  • Tourism Committee
  • Agriculture and Livestock Committee
  • Political System, System of Government and Constitutional Issues Committee
  • State Administration and System Management Committee
  • Defense Committee
  • Security Committee
  • Culture and Art Committee
  • History Committee
  • Religious Affairs Committee
  • Diaspora Committee

To apply email your CV to a short biography, briefly address the criteria and indicate the committee in which you wish to participate. You may apply to participate in more than one committee. Macedonians from the diaspora are encouraged to apply, knowledge of the Macedonian language is preferable but not essential. Applications can be made in Macedonian or English.

Closing date for applications is the 7th of May 2020.

23rd April, 2020

Skopje, Macedonia